All Current Sales

Hereby listed, you can find all of my current Cardano NFTs sales.

Current Series
  1. “Nippon Series”:

    The “Nippon Series” is a number of color-coded Japan-themed Cardano NFTs collections of artsy prints. Inspired by recent Cardano listings on Japanese exchanges, are my way to celebrate and welcome the broadened Japanese community. More info here .

Tokhun Listings

All limited and serialized prints are available on Tokhun :

Current Collections
  1. “Nippon - Rosso Porpora” - (more info here )
  2. “Nippon - Golden Leaves" - (more info here )
  3. “Nippon - Shocking Pink” - (more info here )
  4. “Nippon - Sakura Variations” - (more info here )
Collections Preview

Happy Collecting :)

Abstract Purple Rice Paper

There is one more collection in the Nippon series. It is comprised of a single Cardano NFT:

  • “Nippon - Purple Rice Paper”

This NFT is unique and it’s not for sale. It is called “Abstract Purple Rice Paper ”, and I’ve created as a gift for Charles Hoskinson. I intend to silkscreen print it on a sheet of aluminum and deliver it to him. My humble note of gratitude for what he and IOG are doing to make the world a better place for anyone.

Abstract Purple Rice Paper

Abstract Purple Rice Paper was part of the Cardano Summit Austin, TX, exhibit among the works of other Tokhun Premium Partners. More info here .