The Nippon Series

The Nippon Series is a number of color-coded Japan-themed Cardano NFTs collections of artsy prints. Inspired by recent Cardano listings on Japanese exchanges, are my way to celebrate and welcome the broadened Japanese community.

Each subject is inspired by Japanese traditions, arts, and celebrations. For example, the amazing display of Sakura . The art behind something seemingly simple and yet requiring years of patience and craftsmanship, like a Bonsai . These and other subjects, are interpreted and represented in each print, with different styling iterations. Further developed in each color-coded series, with different designs.


  • Nippon Series comprises color-coded collections. For example: “red collection” “blue collection” etc…
  • Color-coded collections comprise different iterations of the subjects. i.e: sakura, bonsai, etc…
  • Each subject is iterated with different designs. E.g: minimal, full, and other variations.


  • Each color-coded collection is released only once in a serialized fashion.
  • There will only ever be 5x minted CNFTs for each design in each collection.
  • Sales will be re-listed until all CNFTs in the collection are sold out.
  • Already sold items won’t be available in subsequent sales/listings.
  • Only one copy of each serialized CNFT will be sold. No reprints/reissues/double sales.
  • Once the specific color-coded collection is sold out, that’s the end of it.

The very first released collection is “Nippon - Rosso Porpora”. Read more about it here .