The Porpora Prints

“Nippon - Rosso Porpora” is the first in a number of color-coded collection of my Japan themed series of Cardano NFTs artsy prints. Nippon Series is inspired by recent Cardano listings on Japanese exchanges, are my way to celebrate and welcome the broadened Japanese community. More info here .

Rosso Porpora is limited to 5 numbered Cardano NFTs for each print. It is available on my Tokhun profile . The subjects represented in this iteration are: bonsai , shakuhachi , sakura , and torii .

##### The Rare Sakura Print

Those with a sharp eye for details may have noticed that the currently minted "Sakura - Full Bloom " has a tiny mistake in it: the center-piece “petal drops” are offset. This is due to rendering the prints at stupid AM. Note: future sales of “Sakura - Full Bloom” prints will be corrected. Meaning: you can only buy this mistake once. During the very first sale currently going on on Tokhun.

A unique opportunity to collect something even rarer in the whole Nippon Series, present and future.

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