Tokhun Presents ATX Summit

Cardano Summit 2021 is upon us. World-wide celebrations and a lot of expectations for official announcements and partnerships to be revealed. Exciting times indeed Cardano Community!

Cardano Summit takes place both online and IRL. In no less than seven custom built virtual worlds and with Meet Ups all over the world. One of these in person events is the Cardano Summit in Austin , TX.

Johnny from IOG came up with the brilliant idea to host Cardano NFTs Art Exhibit at ATX. He reached out to the Cardano NFT Creators community for submissions. I’m proud to be featured at this exhibit, along with other great Tokhun Premium Partners. Selected works will be shown during the event.

Featured Tokhun Premium Partners at the Austin Meet Up. Scan QR codes. Check their Tokhun profiles.

Abstract Purple Rice Paper

My specific piece is called “Abstract Purple Rice Paper ”. It is a unique CNFT, the only one in the “Purple Rice Paper” collection, that I’ve created as a gift for Charles Hoskinson. I intend to silkscreen print it on a sheet of aluminum and deliver it to Charles. My humble note of gratitude for what he and IOG are doing to make the world a better place for anyone, especially the less fortunate.

Abstract Purple Rice Paper

Happy Cardano Summit everyone!